Andre Willis, Willard Prescott and Annie McClelland Smith Assistant Professor of History and Religion, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies


12:00 - 1:30 PM, PETTERUTI LOUNGE    


Julia Tompkins - Empire, Limited; advisors - Elizabeth Taylor, Catherine Imbriglio, Jonathan Readey

Clemencia Garcia-Kasimirowski - Reshaping the Refugee Camp: Makeshift Islamic Architectures in Ritsona, Greece; advisors - Sheila Bonde, Itohan Osayimwese

Vandhana Ravi - anarchives: building community narrative; advisors - Michael Kennedy, Carrie Spearin

Nicole Martinez - Thrice Upon A Time; advisor - Laura Colella

Facilitator:  Jenn Steinfeld, Swearer Center


3:00 - 4:30 PM, PETTERUTI LOUNGE    


Brett Halperin - Simulating Political Economy & World History 1700 - Present; advisors - Daniel_D'Amico, John Tomasi, Isaac Schlecht

Anne Prusky - Accessibility, Community, and History: Adapting a Deaf-Friendly Museum; advisors - Timothy Riker, Carrie Taylor

Conor Regan - When to Act:  U.S. Intervention in the Balkans as a Framework for Syria Policy and the Limits of State Sovereignty; advisors - David Estlund, Omer Bartov

Facilitator:  Peggy Chang '93 AM'13, Curricular Resource Center




Lianne Cho - Recognizing and addressing the need for international student support: The development of a community support system; advisors - Christina Phillips, Shontay Delalue

Beatrice Bugane - Recognizing and addressing the need for international student support: The development of a community support system; advisors - Christina Phillips, Shontay Delalue

Andrew Stamboulidis - Rhode Island Adult Drug Court Internship; advisor - Wendy Schiller

Alina Joharjian - Understanding Undergraduate Attitudes Towards Public Service to Create a More Diverse Workforce; advisor - Anthony Levitas

Adrian Grant-Alfieri - Accelerating the Transition to a Sustainable Food System; advisor - Dawn King

Trang Duong - Penta Prosthetics Group; advisors - Alan Harlam, MJ Kaplan, Lizzie Pollock, Jenn Steinfield

Camila Ruiz Segovia - Catalyst: Youth voices rethinking the War on Drugs; advisor - Theo di Castri | slides from Camila's presentation

Facilitator:  Christina Phillips, International Student Experience


12:00 - 1:30 PM, PETTERUTI LOUNGE      


Anna Schwartz - The Effects of Timbre Distortion and Arousal on Memory for Vocal and Instrumental Melodies; advisors - Elena Festa, Peggy Chang

Gabriel Reyes - Neural Correlates of Racial Bias and Discrimination; advisor - Monica Linden

Clayton Sanford - Robust and Bounded Machine Learning; advisor - Eli Upfal, Michael Littman

Facilitator:  Mary Wright, Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning




Alex Vidmar - Modernizing the Urban Waterscape: Depictions of Water in Early Modern Mexico City; advisor - Iris Montero-Sobrevilla

Alicia DeVos - Designing and developing clear, consistent, and inclusive grammar and style guides; advisor - Carol DeBoer-Langworthy

Grace Monk - Voices of the Concrete Jungle: Street Art in Valparaíso and Athens; advisor - Johanna Hanink

Emily Sun - Rock Art: Trends in Womxn of Color Photography and Performance; advisors - Leticia Alvarado, Anthony Cokes


Facilitator:  Jim Amspacher, CareerLAB


12:00 - 1:30 PM, PETTERUTI LOUNGE      


Carol Shi - “To see somebody that looks like you is to know that you exist”: A Qualitative Study of Asian Representation in Media and Young Asian American Women’s Sexual Agency and Behavior; advisor - Don Operario

Nikkie Ubinas - Afrodominicanas Speak: On Blackness, Identity Formation, and Black Liberation; advisors - Keisha-Khan Perry, Anani Dzidzienyo, Warren Harding

Sholei Croom - Reorganizing the Brown University Queer Alliance; advisor - Je-Shawna Wholley

Isabella Kres-Nash - Pathologies of Power: Disentangling the Social Constructions of Blackness and Disability within the System of Antebellum Slavery; advisors - Emily Owens, Naoko Shibusawa

Edward Kai Yan Tie - Gay Pulp Fiction, 1950-1980: Queer Testimonies of Psychiatric Resistance; advisors - Debbie Weinstein, Jennifer Lambe

Facilitator:  Marquis Gatewood, Office of Student Support Services




Liliana Sampedro - Lessons from Student Organizing: Understanding Mistakes, Overcoming Challenges, and Mapping Possibilities

Erin West - The "Savior State" and the Violence of U.S. Humanitarian Immigration Law; advisor - Amy Howe

Natalie Lerner - Watching/Being Watched: A Brief Guide to Observing, Documenting, and Challenging Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE); advisor - cata@prysm

Kaya Salem - With Whom Do You Ally?: Advocacy Coalitions and Policy Change; advisor - Timmons Roberts

Facilitator:  Besenia Rodriguez '00, Office of the Dean of the College


12:00 - 1:30 PM, PETTERUTI LOUNGE      


Michelle Cruz - Developing Culturally Responsible Science Curriculum for English Language Learners; advisor - Diane Silva Pimentel

William Martin - The Importance of Providence in Your Brown Education

Gwendolene Mugodi - #WeNeedDiverseBooks: How the lack of representation in children's literature is affecting how well children learn; advisor - Anani Dzidzienyo

Facilitator:  Janet Cooper Nelson, University Chaplain




William Lee - Video Games at Brown

Joshua Lu - Video Games at Brown

Robin Manley - Digital Leviathan: the Cybernetic Enlightenment of the Alt-Right; advisors - Paul Nahme, Wendy Chun

Facilitator:  Yolanda Rome, Office of the Dean of the College


12:00 - 1:30 PM, PETTERUTI LOUNGE      


Alex Vidmar - Making Meaning with Alchemical Aesthetics: Theory, Practice, and the Divine in Michael Maier’s 1618 Atalanta Fugiens; advisor - Tara Nummedal

Brigitte Dale - Radical Actors: the Women's Social and Political Union's Staging of the Suffrage Campaign; advisor - Kelly Colvin

Jordan Waller - Regional Identity and the Development of the Central Asia Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone; advisors - Nina Tannenwald, Jordan Branch

Mika Matsuno - St. Helena and the British Empire 1861-1901; advisor - Rachel Franklin

Sarah Novicoff - Establishment and Civil War at the Government Hospital for the Insane; advisor - Jennifer Lambe

Facilitator:  Kelly Garrett, LGBTQ Center


5:30 - 7:00 PM, LEUNG GALLERY      


Ari Bard - On the Rhetorical and Bioethical Dimensions of Prelingual Cochlear Implantation; advisor - Jeffrey Poland

Rachael Cholak - Brown Donut Club

Martha Epstein - An Original Play about Theater in Prison; advisors - Elmo Terry-Morgan, Peggy Chang

Jason Goettisheim - The Impact of State Laws for Minor Consent on Prenatal Care; advisor - Gary Wessel

Yuna Hur - The Effectiveness of the Flipped Classroom Model on Students’ Learning; advisor - Kathryn Spoehr

Anthony Mei - Life-course Associations between Access to Green Space and Blood Lipid Levels; advisor Eric Loucks

Aliyah Olaniyan - The Importance of Resources; advisors - Kevin Bath, Meghan Gallo

Christian Suarez - Holy are the Immonde: Farm Sanctuaries and the Countercultural Contours of Interspecies Devotion; advisors - Thangam Ravindranathan, Iris Montero Sobrevilla, Nancy Jacobs

Dara Wais, Dorinda Fong, Annika MacEwan - Stormwater Management Design Plan for Parking Lot at Fort Adams; advisor - Ian Gonsher

Michele Winter - Comparative Analysis of CNNs and DoG Filters to Model Mouse Visual Cortex; advisor - Thomas Serre

7:00 - 8:00 PM, LEUNG GALLERY      


Roundtable Presenters

Julia Tompkins
Julia is from Brooklyn, New York and concentrates in English on the nonfiction track. During her time at Brown, she has written and edited for The College Hill Independent, and danced on the Poler Bears. In Brooklyn, Julia first became interested in trains and the individuals who ride them. This interest led her to write her nonfiction thesis on long-haul Amtrak trains.

Clemencia Garcia-Kasimirowski
Clemencia is a concentrating in History of Art and Architecture. Her senior thesis on makeshift Islamic architectures in the Ritsona, refugee camp in Greece, combined her interest in refugee and migration studies with her background in architectural studies. Outside of her academics, Clemencia is a DUG leader for the History of Art and Architecture Department and is Co-President of the Brown French House.

Vanhana Ravi
Vandhana is a senior from Bangalore, India. She is an engaged scholar in Sociology and double-concentrates in Literary Arts. Through her time at Brown, she's been really interested in different forms of co-creating and documenting knowledge with communities as a form of activism. She created her senior capstone on the importance of public libraries in building digital justice in Providence.

Nicole Martinez
Nicole is a Literary Arts concentrator who watches way too much TV. Luckily, she discovered her passion for screenwriting sophomore year and could justify all this TV watching as "important research."

Thrice Upon a Time, her thesis, a sci-fi/fantasy comedy, is extremely meaningful to her, as it stars a diverse, inclusive cast of characters as they attempt to navigate the wackiness of time travel gone wrong. She conceived of it during her Advanced Screenwriting class when she was torn between writing a show set in the Renaissance era or one set in the distant future (complete with sci-fi space elements). She decided to go with both and call it a day.

Brett Halperin
Brett is a senior from the Boston area, studying an independent concentration, Government and Economics. Applying theory to practice within Providence, he has interned for the Rhode Island Office of Management & Budget and co-created a virtual tour of Providence that dynamically retrieves U.S. census data. Through the open curriculum, he has studied computational arts at the Rhode Island School of Design and Spanish at the Universidad de Granada, Spain. On campus, he is actively involved with Brown Innovation for Health, Brown/RISD STEAM and Ivy Film Festival. For his senior capstone, he has worked on the data, design, and dynamics of an economic simulation game under development at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Personal website: http://www.bretthalperin.com

Annie Prusky
Annie is concentrating independently in Socio-Cultural Linguistics. She is a DUG leader for the Linguistics DUG, and she has been working since the summer of 2017 on her deaf-accessible exhibit at the Lippitt House Museum in Providence.

Conor Regan
A concentrator in Philosophy, Politics, Economics, Conor's thesis applies lessons learned from the Clinton administration's intervention in the Balkans to contemporary U.S.-Syria foreign policy. Conor hails from Massachusetts and plans to pursue a career in law and politics.

Lianne Cho
Lianne was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Her concentration at Brown University is Neuroscience, and she plans to pursue a career as a physician-scientist. She is passionate about mental health, and in addition to exploring the unknown in brain science, she is also interested in the ways institutions play a role in promoting well-being on a structural level.

Beatrice Bugane
I am an international student from Brazil and Italy, and I study English Literature. Much of my international identity has been shaped by the International Mentoring Program and the work that it does---IMP has helped me make a home of Brown, and this has in turn propelled me into becoming active in student groups on campus. At Brown I've spent my time rehearsing in Brown's oldest all-female a Capella group, The Chattertocks, and engaging in mental health advocacy through Project LETS. This summer, I'll be working at W. W. Norton & Company in New York City in a publishing internship, and in the fall I'll pursue an MFA in Fiction at the University of Oregon.

Andrew Stamboulidis
Andrew is a senior at Brown University majoring in an independent concentration in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. He is from Long Island, New York and enjoys fishing, traveling, and playing basketball. Having spent a semester abroad in Thessaloniki, Greece, Andrew enjoys meeting new people and exploring the culture of his ancestry. After graduation, Andrew plans to attend law school and work on criminal justice reform in the United States.

Alina Joharjian
Alina is a senior at Brown University studying Public Policy. She lead Brown’s Public Policy Undergraduate Group from 2016-2018, where she organized inclusivity initiatives for first generation and low-income college students in the department. During her time at Brown she has also worked with Design for America and a student-run social venture, Tink Knit. Alina interned at Governor Gina M. Raimondo's Office and at an education technology startup, Kinvolved, which aims to solve chronic absenteeism. These experiences have shaped Alina’s interest in data-driven, innovative government that is representative of its citizens.

Adrian Grant-Alfieri
As a Social Innovation concentrator, Adrian is passionate about studying entrepreneurs seeking to drive positive change through a social or environmental lens. For his senior thesis, Adrian developed a customized investment criteria framework through which to analyze the mass adoption potential of alternative protein companies. Adrian is currently weighing job opportunities upon graduation to join seed-stage startup operations or venture capital analyst programs.

Trang Duong
Trang Duong is a senior at Brown University, majoring in Applied Mathematics and Development Studies. She is the CEO of Penta Prosthetics Group, a social venture that has repurposed $3M worth of used prosthetic limbs for amputees in developing countries. Trang is currently a Social Innovation Fellow at Brown's Swearer Center and a Yale Entrepreneurship Institute fellow. Trang has been awarded the Clinton Global Foundation one-year grant, McKinsey 2017 Women’s Impact Award, Yale’s Rothberg 4catalyzer award and Brown Venture Prize.

Camila Ruiz Segovia
Camila Ruiz Segovia is a senior from Mexico City double concentrating in Political Science and Latin American and Caribbean Studies. She is a passionate advocate against the War on Drugs in her home country and in Latin America. She worked as a research assistant at the Watson Institute, interned with the Drug Policy Alliance, and served as a civil society representative at the United Nations Special Session on Drugs. She is the Assistant Director of Catalyst, a pilot educational program about the War on Drugs for high school students from across the Americas.

Anna Schwartz
Anna Schwartz is concentrating in music cognition, an independent concentration that intersects her passion for music as an oboist in the Brown University Orchestra with her interest in clinical neurology. On campus, Anna is an independent concentrations co-coordinator at the Curricular Resource Center, where she advises students who are interested in pursuing a personalized field of study, and she is a site-leader of the Partnership for Adult Learning Program through the Bonner Community Fellows Program. Anna aspires to integrate her artistic skills in her future medical career.

Gabriel Reyes
Gabriel Reyes is a native of Albuquerque, New Mexico graduating this May with a concentration in Cognitive Neuroscience. He is one of the lead Coordinators for the New Scientist Collective, an organization at Brown aimed at support minorities in science, and is a passionate proponent of diversity and inclusion in science. Gabriel aspires to attain a graduate degree in Cognitive Neuroscience and Education.

Clayton Sanford
Clayton Sanford is an Applied Math-Computer Science concentrator graduating in May. For the past year, he has researched machine learning with computer science professors Michael Littman and Eli Upfal, and he wrote a senior thesis about that research. While at Brown, he has worked as a computer science TA and HTA and been a leader of the Brown Outing Club and the Applied Math DUG. After graduation, he plans to return to California to work as a data scientist at LinkedIn and to escape Providence's cold weather.

Alex Vidmar
Alex Vidmar '18 is a senior double-concentrating in an independent concentration called Western Esoteric Studies and Renaissance and Early Modern Studies. He is dedicated to thinking about the past and present in a dynamic, interdisciplinary way, even when that means getting himself in over his head. More than anything, his senior year has taught him the value of working with other people and the power of dedicating oneself to service and accessibility, especially when it comes to academic communities. He is excited and proud to share his work with you today!

Alicia DeVos
Alicia DeVos prefers the Oxford comma but understands the logic behind omitting it. She likes to run in circles and eat blueberries for fun, but not simultaneously. She concentrates in computer science but concentrates on reading stories a lot of the time as well. She wonders how the power grammar and style guides hold can be wielded to encourage inclusive language use as well as consistency and clarity.

Grace Monk
Grace Monk is a senior concentrating in Classics and Comparative Literature with Spanish, English, and Latin. While abroad in Valparaíso, Chile, Grace became interested in street art and organized a mural series named Memorias del Territorio; she then continued her work with street art in Athens. Grace is an undergraduate fellow at the Cogut Institute for the Humanities and Brown’s Center for Latin American and Carribean Studies. She is from New York City, and next year she will be teaching in Bogotá.

Emily Sun
Emily is concentrating in Ethnic Studies. She will start work at the Metropolitan Museum of Art after graduation.

Alana Felton
Alana will be graduating from Brown with an A.B. in Slavic Studies. This was not her intention when she came to Brown, but after being introduced to Russian language and literature, there was no turning back. During Spring 2017, she studied abroad in Yaroslavl, Russia where she did a Global Independent Study Project about the role of the Russian Orthodox Church in post-Soviet Russia. This research led her to her thesis topic which explores how art in post-Soviet Russia has become a medium through which artists, Orthodox believers, and the Church try to define post-Soviet Russian culture and national identity. Next year, Alana will begin to pursue a PhD in Slavic Languages and Literatures at Yale University.

Carol Shi
I am a senior concentrating in public health. I grew up in Northern California, and since a young age, have wanted to pursue medicine as a career. When I came to Brown and started studying public health, I realized how important it is for doctors to understand social determinants of health when treating their patients. I will be attending Alpert Medical School next year. I love traveling, cooking and baking, and playing with my dog Chester!

Nikki Ubinas
Nicole Ubinas is an Africana Studies and Latin American and Caribbean Studies concentrator from the neighborhood of Washington Heights in New York City. As a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow, her research engages African diaspora studies, Black feminist theory and praxis, and race discourses in Latin America and the Caribbean. She is an avid dancer, and she will soon be pursuing a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in the Dominican Republic.

Sholei Croom
Sholei Croom is a senior from Morristown, NJ studying cognitive science. Their project concerns reorganizing the Queer Alliance at Brown after it went on hiatus in 2015. Beginning in the summer of 2016, this continuing process involved assessing the needs of LGBTQ+ students on campus and developing sustainable and equitable leadership/programming structures. In addition to their service towards queer and trans students on campus, Sholei is also passionate about visual perception research and plans to pursue a PhD in cognitive science in the near future.

Isabella Kres-Nash
Isabella Kres-Nash is a Senior studying Political Science and History. Originally from Seattle, Washington, Isabella has spent her time at Brown studying American politics and the history civil rights with a focus on of American slavery. Her thesis project harnesses the potential of disability theory to deepen understandings of power structures that protected the institution of slavery in the Antebellum South.

Edward Kai Yan Tie
Edward Tie is a senior concentrating in Science, Technology, & Society. His honors thesis—supported by a Cogut Undergraduate Fellowship and an Undergraduate Teaching and Research Award—brings queer studies, literary theory, and the history of science to bear on gay pulp fiction, a neglected queer archive that testifies to the twined histories of psychiatry, surveillance, and sexual politics from 1950–1980. Edward plans to attend Brown's Warren Alpert Medical School in the fall, where he hopes to pursue his burgeoning interests in psychiatry, the health humanities, and medical journalism.

Liliana Sampedro
Liliana is concentrating in ethnic studies and sociology. She currently works for the Curricular Resource Center advising students on fellowships, internships, and research opportunities and producing an undocumented and DACAmented student resource guide. She is the daughter of Mixtec immigrants from Oaxaca and throughout her time at Brown has been a part of MEChA, Brown Student Labor Alliance and helped to revive Brown Immigrant Rights Coalition. After graduation, she plans to take a year off and live in her hometown of Eugene, Oregon before applying to ethnic studies Ph.D. programs.

Erin West
Erin is a senior concentrating in Development Studies and Gender & Sexuality Studies. Her work at Brown both in and outside the classroom centers around sexual violence and other forms of interpersonal harm. As someone invested in feminist critique, Erin is concerned with what happens when states and other large institutions adopt feminist politics. She explores these concerns in her thesis, which ultimately aims to uncover the inherent contradiction in USCIS’ purported humanitarian aims to protect immigrants from violence and immigration applicants’ actual experience of the US immigration system as a violent apparatus of state power.

Natalie Lerner
Natalie grew up in Portland, Oregon and will always have her heart in the West. She is interested in a lot of things including health equity, immigration justice, anti-gentrification work, and interfaith organizing. At Brown, she studies Ethnic Studies and Latin American Studies and does some pre-med stuff. She doesn't really know what she wants to do with all of that, but hopefully some kind of direct service within an organizing framework. Natalie is invested in living her life Jewishly and in building radical, loving Jewish community wherever she goes.

Kaya Salem
Kai Salem is a graduating senior who uses state energy policy to fight for climate justice. At Brown, she is an Engaged Scholar in Environmental Studies, blending her extracurricular activist work with her academic research in environmental policy. In Rhode Island, she represents the Rhode Island Student Climate Coalition on the Environment Council of RI and in the EnergizeRI Coalition for carbon pricing. When taking a break from fighting against climate change, Kai enjoys working with local musicians at WBRU and cooking vegetarian food in the Environmental Program Houses.

Michelle Cruz
I am from Miami, Florida. I identify as Cuban-American and enjoy dancing to all kinds of music. My favorite thing to do is organize events on campus for the community and I have been able to do so through the BCSC (Brown Center for Students of Color) as a Latino Heritage Series Programmer. In May, I am graduating in Materials Chemistry and I'm so proud for being able to say this because it was not easy... at all.

William Martin
William Martin is a senior at Brown University studying English.

Gwendolene Mugodi
Gwen Mugodi is an international student from Zimbabwe graduating from Brown this May with a degree in Africana Studies and Literary Arts. A storyteller at heart, she's always thinking of how to engage with the world through visual, oral or written stories. She is the founder of Tareva, a publishing venture that produces quality children's storybooks written by Zimbabwean writers and centering the range of Zimbabwean experiences, cultures and languages.

William Lee
Willy Lee is the President of Brown Esports Team and is currently a senior at Brown University preparing for a 5th Year Master’s Degree in Psychology. Originally a recruited varsity athlete on Brown’s Swimming and Diving Team, Willy quit after his second year and founded Brown’s Esports Team. Today, Willy teaches a class on video games and leads research that uncovers mechanisms that drive or inhibit partner selection.

Joshua Lu
Joshua Lu is the president and cofounder of Brown Esports Team and is concentrating in English and Computer science. He is a former section editor of Post- Magazine at Brown and helps lead a GISP on video games.

Robin Manley
Robin is concentrating in Modern Culture and Media.

Brigitte Dale
Brigitte Dale wrote her honors history thesis on the British women's suffrage movement. Her work challenges the notion of what was radical about the female suffrage campaigns of the early 20th century and considers the implications for women advancing to public office today. At Brown, Brigitte is on the Musical Forum theatre production board and is a senior editor for the Brown Journal of History. Most recently, she choreographed MF's spring musical, Heathers.

Jordan Waller
Jordan Waller is a senior double concentrating in Political Science and History. At Brown, she has been involved in Model United Nations, the Political Science Department Undergraduate Group, and has worked as a research assistant for a faculty member in the Political Science department. She is originally from Chicago, IL.

Mika Matsuno
Mika Matsuno was born in Oakland, California. She concentrates in history and sociology, and her favorite cake is carrot cake.

Sarah Novicoff
Sarah Novicoff is a senior concentrating in History from Los Angeles, CA. She currently leads the History Departmental Undergraduate Group and coordinated the Brown Refugee Youth Tutoring and Enrichment Program in her sophomore year. Sarah still works as a tutor in that program and continues to work on improving the Providence Schools as a Research Assistant for Dr. Matthew Kraft in the Department of Education.

Poster Presenters

Ari Bard
I'm pursuing an independent concentration in bioethics and have particular interest in the ethics of disability, enhancement, and animal exploitation.

Rachael Cholak
I am the Founder and Presidonut of Brown Donut Club. My love for donuts was born at my dad's restaurant, Mike's Donuts and Chicken, in Kenosha, WI. I am also affectionately known as The Donut Queen.

Martha Epstein
Martha was born and raised in New York City. She is doing an independent concentration called The Art and Science of Human Behavior, which primarily uses theater and psychology to study human behavior and the development of character. She plans on moving back to New York after graduation to pursue theater and film acting.

Jason Goettisheim

I am a senior studying computer science and biology with significant coursework in economics. I'm interested in the intersection of technology, education, and public health, and in the ways that my scientific background can inform my research in the social sciences and policy-adjacent fields. In my time at Brown, I've taken classes in 15 departments, interned for the RI governor, conducted research for the history department, and directed a musical. I've been fortunate at Brown to have had the opportunity to use such diverse coursework to bring topics from different fields into conversation with one another, and have found such interdisciplinary academic work to be extremely fulfilling.

Yuna Hur
Yuna is a senior from Long Island concentrating in cognitive science and education studies. This project came about after having taken both CLPS courses her junior year and was inspired to blend her research interests in the cognitive aspects of how humans learn to real-life applications. In her free time, Yuna enjoys spending time with her family, watching sports, and the outdoors. She is so grateful for being part of the CRC community the past few years!

Anthony Mei
Anthony is a senior studying Health and Human Biology. As the first in his family to attend college, he is interested in how social factors influence people's experiences. He developed this project in order to assess the relationship between a person's neighborhood and their health. He hopes this project will contribute to knowledge on structural determinants of cardiovascular health.

Aliyah Olaniyan
I am concentrating in Cognitive Neuroscience with a strong interest in how it can be applied to public health. I am interested in the developmental changes that occur when people are in environments that lack resources. I am also interested in using this research to create and evaluate public health programs.

Christian Suarez
Christian is a Latinx senior from Visalia, California, just west of Sequoia National Park. Influenced by his passion for animals, he has spent his four years at Brown thinking with animals as an Animal Studies IC concentrator (along with French) and is co-founder of Brown's Animal Rights Coalition. He is particularly interested in the crossroads of intersectional animal rights, spirituality, and Latin American studies and his thesis is the product of an animal care internship for Farm Sanctuary. In the future, Christian will continue working with and for animals.

Dara Weis, Dorinda Fong, Annika MacEwan
This is Dara, Dorinda, and Annika's senior capstone together. We are all engineering students in the Engaged Scholars Program so finding a community partner to work with initially was an important focus for us.

Michele Winter
I am a graduating senior from North Providence, Rhode Island. My passion for neural modeling stems from a fascination with both math and neuroscience, leading me to pursue an independent concentration in Cognitive Neuroscience. In my free time, I enjoy baking.