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TiA: The Senior Exchange 2015

Saturday, April 25

  • 5:00PM - 6:00PM: Theories in Action Opening, with Remarks from Dean Maud Mandel, Professor of History & Judaic Studies and Dean of the College, Petteruti Lounge, Campus Center 
  • 6:00PM - 8:00PM: All-Senior Class Public Art Night, Petteruti Lounge & Leung Family Gallery, Campus Center

Sunday, April 26

11:30AM - 12:45PM 

  • Diversity is Not Enough: Concrete Steps to a More Inclusive Brown, Petteruti Lounge, Campus Center

    • Abby Plummer, Race and Gender in the Scientific Community (Advisor - Cornelia Dean)

    • Mara FreilichRace and Gender in the Scientific Community (Advisor - Cornelia Dean)

    • Jamelle Watson-DanielsRace and Gender in the Scientific Community (Advisor - Cornelia Dean)

    • Destin SisemoreOnward, Upward: Tracing the Gaps Between First Generation Students and Career Attainment at Brown (Advisor - Gregory Elliot)

    • Darian Surratt, Race in Sociology: Towards a More Inclusive and Critical Curriculum (Advisor - Michael Kennedy)

    • Mara McCrickardRace in Sociology: Towards a More Inclusive and Critical Curriculum (Advisor - Michael Kennedy)

  • Individual & Institutional Transformations: Common Narratives Across Four Radically Different Projects, Room 102, Wilson Hall

    • Kyle AlbertRacial Microaggressions on TrevorSpace: Constrained Support in an Online LGBTQ+ Youth Community (Advisor - Carrie Spearin)

    • Natasha BlackadarRecentering Development Discourse (Advisor - Michael Kennedy)

    • Jules KortenhorstWhat is a Nietzschean Self? (Advisor - Bernard Reginster)

    • Sam GilmanCommon Sense Action (Advisor - Alan Harlam)

  • Community Engagement, Community Disruption, Kasper Multipurpose Room, Campus Center

    • Hannah Duncan, Friends of Children: Organizing for Head Start in Mississippi (Advisor - Francois Hamlin)

    • Ivy Sokol, Radicalizing Environmentalism: Towards Multicultural Environmental Education (Advisor - Margary Martin)

    • Divya Bhatia, Interfaith Exchange: Using Interfaith Collaboration for Community Service in Providence (Advisor - Alan Flam)

    • Sara Winnick, Based on Love: BRYTE's work in the Providence Community (Advisor - Alan Flam)

1:00PM - 2:15PM 

  • Student Voice: Students Forging Paths in the University, Petteruti Lounge, Campus Center

    • Katherine Byron, Survivor-Centered Sexual Assault Policy Recommendations (Advisor - Gail Cohee)

    • Will Furuyama, Survivor-Centered Sexual Assault Policy Recommendations (Advisor - Gail Cohee)

    • Maahika Srinivasan, Undergraduate Council of Students Leadership (Advisors - Russell Carey and Margaret Klawunn)

    • Marguerite Joutz, The Brown Conversation (Advisor - Luther Spoehr)

  • Diasporic Narratives: Belonging and Access, Room 102, Wilson Hall

    • Angie Ocampo, The Experiences of Undocumented Latino College Students at Elite Universities (Advisor - José Itzigsohn)

    • Kendra Cornejo, Examining Access to Higher Education for Children of Latino Immigrants Living in the Suburbs (Advisor - Monica Martinez)

    • Olutoye Adegboro, Give Me Your American, Your Multicultural, Your Hilarious Masses: Examining How Contemporary Immigrant and First-Generation Stand-up Comedians Engage Ethnic Humor (Advisor - Robert George Lee)

    • Colin Blake, Queer in the Carribean and the United States: An Exploration of Relationships Between Space and Citizenship (Advisor - Anani Dzidzienyo)

  • Cultivating A Better Food System, Kasper Multipurpose Room, Campus Center

    • Benjamin CheslerFood Systems Thinking (Advisor - Dawn King)

    • Lauren BehgamFood Systems Thinking (Advisor - Dawn King)

    • Taylor Lanzet, Food Systems Thinking (Advisor - Dawn King)

    • Austin Draycott, Food Systems Thinking (Advisor - Dawn King)

2:30PM - 3:45PM 

  • Writing Identity, Petteruti Lounge, Campus Center

    • Kalena Crafton, Trimmed with Salt (Advisor - Forrest Gander)

    • Sienna Zeilinger, Writing with Empathy (Advisor - Doug Brown)

    • Emily Fu, Writing with Empathy (Advisor - Kate Schapira)

  • Narrating Stories Across Borders, Bodies, and Minds, Room 102, Wilson Hall

    • María Eugenia Pabón, Multilingual Writing and the "Mother Tongue (Advisor - Esther Whitfield)

    • Nora Aimee McDonnell, Where Personal and Political Merge: A Comparative Study of Women's Slave and Prison Memoirs (Advisor - Francois Hamlin)

    • Eliza Cohen, Leo Baum's Guide to Articulating a Skeleton (Advisor - Lukas Rieppel)

    • Ria Mirchandani, Wrong Place, Wrong Time: Understanding Why We Migrate, through an Independent Concentration (Advisors - Vazira Zamindar)

    • Antonia Piccone, The King of Clowns: Benjamin de Oliveira and the Politics of Race, Class, and the Traveling Circus in Transitional Brazil, 1870 - 1930  (Advisor - Patricia Sobral)

  • Reimagining Learning Environments, Kaspr Multipurpose Room, Campus Center

    • Ardra Hren, Changing the Face of Computer Science

    • Lukas WinklerPrins, Math & Creative Pedagogy

    • Kate Nussenbaum, The Role of Distractor Suppression in Selective Attention and Recognition Memory (Advisor - Dima Amso)

    • Amelia Grant-Alfieri, Visual Art for Environmental Education: An Exploration of Rainforest Biodiversity and Change (Advisor - Fulvio Domini)


4:00PM - 6:00PM 

  • Poster Session, Leung Family Gallery, Campus Center

    • Chanelle Adams - Mapping the Knowledge Economy of Medicinal Plants in Northern Madagascar: Information and Resource Flow in Traditional Health Practices (Advisor - Geri Agusto)

      Nia Campinha-Bacote Predictors and Characteristics of HIV Mortality among the Adult In-Patient Population of Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra, Ghana (Advisor - Awe Kwara)

      Sarah Day Dayon Student Voices in a Worker's Movement: Navigating Student Experiences with Engaged Scholarship, Organizing and Solidarity 

      Leah Eickhoff - Strides Towards Reintegration: An Athletic Approach for Community Connectivity of U.S. Veterans on Team Red White & Blue (Advisor - Denise Tyler)

      Elaine Hsiang Mapping (Un)Safe Spaces: Trans* Health and the Affordable Care Act (Advisor - Amy Nunn)

      Samuel Kase Understanding Metaphor within the Medical Setting: Militarizing Cancer (Advisor - Debbie Weinstein)

      Erin Kelley Towards Energy Justice: Investigating Utility Termination in Rhode Island (Advisor - Dawn King)

      Hannah Kerman - Lessons from the Emergency Department: Evaluation and Care of Sexual Assault Victims on Campus (Advisor - Elizabeth Cronin)

      Sydney Mondry - The Eyes Eat First: Food culture in the age of social media (Advisor - Kate Schapira)

      Anna Plumlee A Better World by Design 

      Allison Reilly - Climate Change and the Coast: Community Level Adaptation to the Risks of Climate Change in New Jersey and Rhode Island (Advisor - Caroline Karp)

      Adriana Saavedra - Predictors and Characteristics of HIV Mortality among the Adult In-Patient Population of Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra, Ghana (Advisor - Awe Kwara)

      Jordan Shaw - Theory of Mind and Joint Attention in Non-clinical Adults (Advisor - John R. Pruett)

      Benjamin Siranosian - A multi-scale ensemble approach to 3D chromatin conformation (Advisor - Nicola Neretti)

      Leigh Thomas - Activist Narratives and ACT UP: Rights, Sovereignty and Responsibility in AIDS Treatment Organizing (Advisor - Debbie Weinstein)

      Sophia Tsang Some Times Life Knocks You Down: Growth Rates in Christchurch, New Zealand Before and After the September 2010 and February 2011 Canterbury Earthquakes

      Alexandra Urban - Neuroscience in the Classroom: How Mathematics Teaching in New Zealand Reflects the Science of Learning (Advisor - Michael Paradiso)

      Jie Ying Wu Teaching Engineering in Providence High Schools: the Brown Engineering After School Team

Senior Exchange 2015 Presenters:


Olutoye Adegboro  

A double American Studies and Literary Arts concentrator, Toye hails from Chicago, IL, and studies the narratives of immigrants and diasporic groups in the United States. Fueled by his family's own immigrant background and his interest in media, Adegboro developed "Give Me Your American, Your Multicultural, Your Hilarious Masses" for his senior thesis project which examines the way stand-up comedians Margaret Cho, Maz Jobrani, and Trevor Noah engage immigrant and ethnic humor in their comedy.


Nora Aimee McDonnell

Nora is from Bucks County, Pennsylvania concentrating in Africana Studies and Comparative Literature.  Her thesis, "Where Personal and Political Merge: Locating Women’s Prison Narratives in a Legacy of Female Slave Memoir," compares the autobiographies of enslaved and incarcerated authors in order to examine the history of policing female voices in America as well as the personal and political impacts of these narratives.


Kyle Albert  

Kyle is from outside Chicago studying Sociology and Gender & Sexuality Studies. They are passionate about community building (online and off), LGBTQ+ youth movements, and intramural soccer. Their project is entitled, " Racial Microaggressions on TrevorSpace: Constrained Support in an Online LGBTQ+ Youth Community ."


Lauren Behgam  

Lauren is concentrating in Environmental Studies originally from the Dallas area. For her senior capstone project, she partnered with a local non-profit, Farm Fresh Rhode Island, to interview various producers around the state about ugly fruits and vegetables. The goal of the project is to better understand what happens to ugly produce and future opportunities for better utilizing them. 


Divya Bhatia  

Divya is concentrating in Health and Human Biology with a focus on global health and development. She has coordinated the Interfaith Exchange, a mentorship program for high school students rooted in interfaith literacy and social responsibility, since her freshman year and considers it one of her most challenging, influential, and inspiring experiences at Brown. 


Natasha Blackadar  

Natasha is from Warwick, Rhode Island concentrating in Development Studies. Her project is her senior thesis, "Recentering Development Discourse: Social Capital, Expertise, and Knowledge Production at BIARI."


Colin Blake  

Colin is from Richmond, Virginia concentrating in Africana Studies. His project focuses on Queer Rights in Jamaica, analyzing the issue through spatial boundaries, queer theory, and a human rights framework. With this research, he hopes to converge his personal life and academic pursuits in a way that will be beneficial to himself and those like him.


Katherine Byron  

Katie is from New Jersey and a dual concentrator in Computational Biology and Gender and Sexuality Studies. She is an activist who promotes survivor-centered, trauma-informed approaches to sexual violence. Her project looks at sexual violence policy recommendations based on interviews she and Will Furuyama did with survivors of sexual violence.


Benjamin Chesler  

Ben is an Economics concentrator from Newton, Massachusetts.  At Brown, he has devoted himself to reducing food waste wherever it can be found.  He will be presenting with three other wonderful people on the topic of Food Systems Thinking.  


Eliza Dexter Cohen  

Eliza is concentrating in Science and Society, focusing in the History of Biology. She is interested in research that integrated diverse methodologies to ask questions about large and small processes at the same time. Her favorite word this semester has been "resonance."


Kendra Cornejo  

Kendra is concentrating in History and Ethnic Studies. She is from Brentwood, New York. Her project is titled, "Examining Access to Higher Education for Children of Latino Immigrants Living in the Suburbs."


Kalena Crafton  

Kalena is double-concentrating in International Relations and Literary Arts.


Austin Draycott  

Austin is from Brooklyn, New York and concentrating in Biology.


Hannah Duncan  

Hannah is a Classics concentrator.


María Eugenia Pabón

Maru is a from Puerto Rico concentrating in Comparative Literature. Her project, "Multilingual Writing and the Mother Tongue," examines the metaphor of the "mother tongue" in relation to Caribbean authors who write in more than one language. 


Mara Freilich  

Mara is an applied math concentrator from Kennett Square, PA. After Brown, she will pursue a PhD in physical oceanography. She was a member of the GISP: "Race and Gender in the Scientific Community".


Emily Fu  

Emily is double concentrating in English and Neuroscience. She will be starting medical school at Brown in the fall.


Will Furuyama  

Will is concentrating in chemistry in the Chemical Biology track. He is from Los Angeles and is co presenting with Katie Byron on a project they worked on together. She probably has a better description of their project. 


Sam Gilman  

Sam is a public policy and history concentrator from Washington, DC. He is presenting on Common Sense Action (CSA), which is the first bipartisan advocacy group and think tank of and for Millennials based on 40 campuses across the country. CSA recently joined forces with Run for America to recruit and work to elect 12 candidates to the house of representatives in 2016. Sam is also an avid Yankees fan, history buff, and runner.


Amelia Grant-Alfieri  

Amelia is excited to graduate with the Class of 2015! She is from Miami, Florida and is studying Visual Art and Perception, an Independent Concentration. At TiA she will be discussing her capstone project titled Visual Art for Environmental Education. 


Ardra Hren  

Ardra is a Computer Science concentrator who’s baffled that she’s programming at all. She’s interested the importance of personal networks in learning -- especially how relationships with peers impact learning outside the classroom. She’ll draw from her work creating inclusive communities and promoting diversity in CS through TAing and Women in Computer Science.


Jules Kortenhorst  

Jules is a philosophy concentrator from The Hague, The Netherlands. A Nietzsche fanatic from the moment he first picked up The Antichrist in freshman year, Jules wrote a senior philosophy thesis on Nietzsche's concept of selfhood. He is convinced Nietzsche can provide invaluable guidance to college students looking to shape their own identity.


Taylor Lanzet  

Taylor is an Environmental Studies concentrator from West Orange, NJ. She is passionate about fixing our national food system, which she believes, marginalizes and exploits farmers, workers, and the act of eating itself. For her senior practicum, she helped the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management write and improve state food policy. 


Marguerite McCray Joutz

Marguerite is a concentrating in Education Studies: History and Policy from Bethesda, Maryland. The Brown Conversation is (was) a group of students dedicated to asking big questions about Brown, the purpose of education, and life – over dinner on Saturday night. 


Mara McCrickard  

Mara is from Cleveland, Ohio concentrating in Sociology. Her project is entitled, "Race in Sociology: Towards a More Inclusive and Critical Curriculum."


Ria Mirchandani  

Ria is from Mumbai. She has been an Independent Studies Co-Coordinator at the Curricular for the past two years. She is double concentrating in Computer Science and Migration Studies (an independent concentration).


Kate Nussenbaum  


Angie Ocampo  

Angie Ocampo is double-concentrating in Sociology and Ethnic Studies. She was born in Bogotá, Colombia but was raised in White Plains, New York. Angie's project is her senior thesis for Sociology titled "The Experiences of Undocumented Latino College Students at Elite Universities."


Antonia Piccone  

Antonia is from Washington D.C. and "graduated" in 2014.5, though she chose to remain in frigid Providence this spring to finish her Thesis. Her project, completed for her concentration in Latin American and Caribbean Studies, is titled "King of Clowns: Benjamim de Oliveira and the Politics of Race, Class, and the Traveling Circus in Transitional Brazil, 1870-1930." As indicated by its too-lengthy title, her project attempts to evaluate the political and racial realities that both enabled and restricted the black clown, Benjamim de Oliveira's rise to fame in Brazil at the end of the nineteenth century. 


Abigail Plummer

Abby is from Madison, Connecticut and is concentrating in Mathematical Physics. Last year, she helped create a GISP called Race and Gender in the Scientific Community.


Destin Sisemore  


Ivy Sokol  

Ivy is pursuing an independent concentration in Social Innovation with a specific focus on racial inequality in education. She is also the co-founder of Moving Mountains, an organization that provides multicultural environmental education programs to urban youth in Providence. Her thesis paper -- Radicalizing Environmentalism: Toward Multicultural Environmental Education -- explores how people of color interact with environmental issues and argues for the implementation of multicultural environmental education.


Maahika Srinivasan  

Maahika is a apparently (!) a senior, concentrating in the weird Brown-esque amalgamation of Science and Society. Maahika is currently the President of the Undergraduate Council of Student- Brown's equivalent of Student Government- and has spent the year exploring the role and form of student voices within the framework of University governance. 


Darian Surratt  

Darian is from Antioch, California and is concentrating in Social Analysis Research. Outside of the classroom, Darian has been involved in Health Leads, Meiklejohn Advising, a Matched Advising Program for Sophomores (MAPS) mentor, the Kappa Delta Sorority and Bruin Club. Her project is entitled, "Race in Sociology:  Towards a More Inclusive and Critical Curriculum."


Jamelle Watson-Daniels  

Jamelle is a combined degree Africana and Physics major from the St. Louis area.


Lukas WinklerPrins  

Lukas is a mathematician and dilettante. He is in Applied Math, class of 2015.5, and likes a lot of things, especially mathematics and pedagogy. These two interests rolled themselves together into a variety of projects over his time at Brown, and he will discuss ways to improve mathematics education for future generations. 


Sara Winnick  

Sara Winnick has spent the past four years tutoring and coordinating Brown Refugee Youth Tutoring and Enrichment (BRYTE). As a double History and Education Studies concentrator, her academic studies focus on racial inequality in America. Providence is her favorite small city in the country.


Sienna Zeilinger  

Sienna ("Writing with Empathy") hails from Cleveland, Ohio, though she's making the transition to becoming a real Rhode Islander. As an English/Nonfiction Writing concentrator and one of the student directors of the Writing Fellows Program, she has spent much of her time at Brown engaging with words and those who write them. Most of the time, you can find her outside.


Chanelle Adams

Chanelle '15.5 is a Science and Technology Studies (STS) concentrator originally from Montclair, NJ. This project, "Imagining Circulation & Situating Justice," is an attempt to co-create methodology for studying epistemologies with a community of traditional health practitioners in Northern Madagascar.


Nia Campinha-Bacote

Nia is a fun-loving girl hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio.  During her four years at Brown she has studied Health and Human Biology with a focus on race and ethnic disparities in health and disease.  Her project is entitled "Predictors and Characteristics of HIV Mortality among the Adult In-Patient Population of Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra, Ghana".


Sarah Day Dayon

Sarah Day is from Carol Stream, IL double-concentrating in Ethnic Studies and Biology. Her project "Student Voices in a Worker's Movement" analyzes student oral histories from the Summer for Respect: Voices of Walmart Program and explores concepts of Engaged Scholarship, Organizing, and Solidarity.


Leah Eickhoff

Leah is a Community Health concentrator from Hanover, NH. She fell in love with running as an escape when she wanted a break from writing college applications during the summer before senior year of high school. Now a senior at Brown, she is a distance runner and captain on the Women's Cross Country and Track & Field teams. The concept for this research came about while she was on a run, surrounded by a group of teammates. As she ran, she realized that running with the group, she had found a mobile, supportive space where she was able to productively output negative emotions and where she was able to both think in silence or process her thoughts out loud. She visualized team membership and active space as a natural solution to the isolation and integration issues that presently plague multitudes of U.S. veterans in transition.


Elaine Hsiang

Elaine is from Arcadia, California, studying Health and Human Biology with a focus in Global Health Disparities. Her senior honors thesis is titled "Mapping (Un)Safe Spaces: Trans* Health and the Affordable Care Act."


Samuel Kase

Originally from New York City, Sam is pursuing an Independent Concentration called Medical Humanities. his concentration explores the socio-cultural factors that influence health, healing, and illness with an emphasis on the individual patient. His project looked at the use of military metaphor within the context of cancer - from newly diagnosed patients to terminally ill patients.  


Erin Kelley

Erin grew up in and often talks about San Antonio, Texas. Now, she is a senior concentrating in Environmental Studies, with a focus on environmental health and housing. She has collaborated extensively with the Rhode Island Center for Justice here in Providence and hopes to work in the field of social justice lawyering.


Hannah Kerman

Hannah is a Health and Human Biology concentrator.


Sydney Mondry

Sydney is a nonfiction writing concentrator from Aspen, CO. Her thesis, "The Eyes Eat First," explores food culture in the age of social media, specifically how photo-sharing platforms have changed society's relationship with food. Follow her on Instagram: @smondry 


Anna Plumlee

Anna is a political science concentrator from Brooklyn, NY. She will be presenting on A Better World by Design, and the work she did during her three years on the planning committee. Anna hopes to take what she learned from ABWxD into the real world to keep making things better.


Allison Reilly

Allie is concentrating in Environmental Studies from Lawrenceville, New Jersey.  Her project is titled "A New Era of Living on the Coast," which focuses on community level adaptation to climate change-related risks in New Jersey and Rhode Island.  Allie's work comments on the tensions between different levels of government and the resilience of human systems in light of climate change.    


Adriana Saavedra

Adriana is a first-generation senior from Edinburg, Texas. She is concentrating in Health and Human Biology. She is pleased to present on a global health project that she commenced last summer thanks to a grant from the National Institutes of Health. She will be presenting on "Predictors  and Characteristics of HIV mortality among the Adult In-patient Population of Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra, Ghana." 


Jordan Shaw

Jordan is concentrating in Neuroscience. She is from Dallas, TX. Jordan has been working on a project aimed at elucidating the relationship between two social cognitive processes, Theory of Mind and Joint Attention, in a non-clinical sample of adults. 


Benjamin Siranosian

Ben is concentrating in Computational Biology.  He will be using his computational biology knowledge for a job in the Boston area after graduation.


Leigh Thomas

Leigh is from Irvington, New York and  double concentrating in Gender and Sexuality Studies and Public Health. Her project, "Activist Narratives and ACT UP: Rights, Sovereignty and Responsibility in AIDS Treatment Organizing" served as a Capstone Project for her Gender and Sexuality Studies concentration.


Sophia Tsang

Sophia is a Geological Sciences concentrator from Redmond, WA. She is really excited to share some of experiences from her year abroad in Christchurch, New Zealand in "Some Times Life Knocks You Down: Land Use Change And Lessons From The Christchurch Earthquake Sequence In Christchurch, New Zealand."


Alexandra Urban

How does mathematics teaching reflect the science of learning? With the Brown International Scholars Program Fellowship, Alexandra traveled to New Zealand to observe their high-performing secondary school math classes and analyzed these findings in her thesis for her Independent Concentration in Educational Neuroscience. Talk with Alexandra to find out what neuroscience-based factors these teachers are using and the implications for US schools!


Jie Ying Wu

Jie Ying is a computer engineering concentrator from Toronto, Canada. She is interested in the application of technology in the medical field, and plans to pursue a PhD in medical robotics after graduation. For Theories in Action though, she is excited to present her work with Brown Engineering After School Team to teach engineering to Providence high school students.