Dear graduating senior:

TiA is made possible in part by The Island Fund / Engaged Life Partnership

TiA is made possible in part by The Island Fund / Engaged Life Partnership

Over the past few years, you've gone from freshman to senior, from student to scholar, and maybe even from lost to a little less lost.

You've left your mark on the Brown community in many ways, and now its time to reflect together before you walk out through the Van Wickle Gates. In late April, join us for the annual Theories in Action: The Senior Exchange, where graduating student leaders across the classroom, Brown, Providence, and the world will gather to discuss how they changed Brown, and in turn, how Brown changed them.

Seniors are encouraged to apply to present their passion or work in February, and underclassmen are encouraged to attend this Brown tradition. 


The Curricular Resource Center and the Dean of College are excited to present the Brown community with this year’s Theories in Action Exchange. Since its creation, Theories in Action has created a unique, interdisciplinary learning experience on campus by providing Brown seniors with an opportunity to showcase their research, leadership activities, artistic productions, and other capstone projects to the Brown and Rhode Island communities.

TiA is a culminating experience for our graduating seniors that offers reflective spaces and learning opportunities to advance every student’s personal and academic growth. In is our hope that this years conference allows seniors to reflect on their careers at Brown and how they will carry that forward into their career, further studies, and personal lives. This conference will allow all participants to think about their college education as well as bring together learning done both in and out of the classroom.

All events are open the members of the Brown and local communities so all are encouraged to put this signature senior year event on their calendar.

Schedule for

Theories in Action 2017: The Senior Exchange

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Monday, May 1st - Tuesday, May 9th


All-Senior Class Public Art Night: redefined Faunce in 2015 & 2016. 


252 YEARS.

So much of Brown stays the same, but how we experience Brown is anything but fixed.  As students, we’re constantly growing, defining, redefining, and finding ourselves yet again.

Help build a new tradition.

Once a year, Brown students come together to redefine the spaces we occupy, in the literal heart of campus. Join us as we leave our mark on Faunce with fellow seniors and other students! (Location: Petteruti Lounge & Leung Family Gallery)



1. Students can be grouped in Roundtables, where seniors who have worked on similar subjects across many different methods or disciplines will discuss their individual work, and then engage in a moderated conversation about their learning, development, and Brown experience.

2. Students also have the opportunity to present their work in a Poster Session.  Students who have posters due to their thesis are encouraged to present, while students who have not but are interested in presenting their work through this method will have the opportunity to develop and present their own posters. The CRC has funding available to print your Poster, and it does not need to be done when you apply.

Past Roundtables Discussed topics like:

"Student Voice: Students Forging Paths in the University"

"Community Engagement, Community Disruption"

"Reimagining Learning Environments"

"Diasporic Narratives: Belonging and Access"

"Writing Identity,"

"Diversity is Not Enough: Concrete Steps to a More Inclusive Brown"

"Narrating Stories Across Borders, Bodies, and Minds"

"Individual & Institutional Transformations: Common Narratives Across Four Radically Different Projects,"

Theories in Action is a Brown tradition.

Click here to see the past few years of over 500 Theorists in Action: