Theories in Action: Brown's Capstone to Senior Year

Saturday, April 25th - Sunday, April 26th

The Curricular Resource Center and the Dean of the College are excited to present the Brown community with this year’s Theories in Action Exchange.

Since its creation, Theories in Action has created a unique, interdisciplinary learning experience on campus by providing Brown seniors with an opportunity to showcase their research, leadership activities, artistic productions, and other capstone projects to the Brown and Rhode Island communities. However, as the conference approaches its sixth year, TiA seeks to serve as a culminating experience for our graduating seniors that offers reflective spaces and learning opportunities to advance every student’s personal and academic growth. In is our hope that this years conference allows seniors to reflect on their careers at Brown and how they will carry that forward into their career, further studies, and personal lives. While the event is catered to the senior experience, this conference will allow all participants to think about their college education as well as bring together learning done both in and out of the classroom.

All events are open the members of the Brown and local communities so all are encouraged to put this signature senior year event on their calendar.