2019 Schedule

All sessions in the Stephen Robert ‘62 Campus Center, 75 Waterman Street, Providence, RI.

Refreshments served at the Roundtables and Poster Session.

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Tuesday 4.30


12:00-1:30 PM, Petteruti Lounge

Mark Liang - Botanisk Have: The Copenhagen Botanical Garden and Danish National Identity

Lily Meyersohn - The Deconstruction and Reification of Racial Categories through Genomic Science

Annie Savaria-Watson - Ethnoglaciology

Facilitator:  Dean Julie Lee, Ph.D., Dean of the College office

ROUNDTABLE: Sustainable Investing in China

12:00-1:30 PM, Kasper Multipurpose Room

Logan Atkins

Jennifer Mastrianni

Alexandra O’Donnell

Andrew Provost

Elizabeth Seid

Facilitator:  Janet Isserlis ’91 A.M.

Roundtable: Land, law, and security: reconsidering hegemonic frameworks

2:00-3:30 PM, Petteruti Lounge

Tal Frieden - Building Free Palestine: Freedom, Territoriality, and Sovereignty in Rawabi

Jennifer Kim - The U.S. War on Terror and Counterterrorism: A Cycle of Violence

Quinton Huang - State and Subject in the "Ulcer" of Hong Kong: The Clearance of Kowloon Walled City, 1987-1994

Facilitator: Lusine Galoyan ’14, Office of the President

Roundtable: Growing our souls: a conversation on healing justice

4:00-5:30 PM, Petteruti Lounge (note location change)

Helya Azadmanesh-Samimi - Access to Healing Justice in Working Class Communities

Lidwina Bell - Abolition + Alchemy: Transformative and Healing Justice for Prison Abolition

Jo-Ann Huynh - History and Interiority: Asian American Womxn’s Healing

Victoria Huynh - Resilient Roots: Vietnamese refugee gardening in Camden, NJ

Andy M.T. Pham - (Re)configuring Dirty Bodies: Early AIDS, Melodramas, and the Work of Remembering and Reimagining

Facilitator: Kelly Garrett, LGBTQ Center

Wednesday 5.1

Roundtable: blueprints for a sustainable future: national issues in local context   

12:00-1:30 PM, Petteruti Lounge

Penmai Chongtoua - State-led Green New Deal Mobilizations: Massachusetts and Rhode Island

Ruth Foster - Housing Justice, Bioethics, and Public Interest Lawyering

Charlotte Senders - Meat in the Sustainable Food Future

Facilitator: Jim Amspacher, CareerLAB

Roundtable: Aligning philosophy with practice in the open curriculum (Open Curriculum@50)

12:00-1:00 PM, Kasper Multipurpose Room

Rashid Zia ‘01 - Dean of the College

Sarah Mullen, ABD - Manager of Curricular Programs

The foundation of Brown's Open Curriculum is a philosophy of education that centers the individual student, active participation, and community. This conversation will explore how Brown lives out the different components of this philosophy, and what steps we can take to more closely align this philosophy with our policies and practices.

ROUNDTABLE: Collective Illnesses, Fragmented Stories: Meaning-Making Processes in Translation and Storytelling

2:00-3:00 PM, Petteruti Lounge

Maryam Ahmad - How We Got Sick

Devon Carter - The Cambridge Songs: A New Translation

Facilitator:  Dean Cynthia Ellis, Ph.D., Student Support Services

Roundtable: Remembering, Resisting, Reclaiming: Building Community in Artistic Spaces

4:00-5:30 PM, Kasper Multipurpose Room

Ahmed Ashour - Creating Sightlines: Surveillance in the Dramaturgy and Production of Yussef El Guindi's BACK OF THE THROAT

Aya Chiong-Bisbee - Moving and Being in Community: Narratives of Asian American Dancers from Seattle

Lina Lalwani - The Genki Spark: Community, Celebration, and Healing Among Asian Womxn in Taiko

Julianna Lee Marino - Indigenous Performance and Archival Memory: in Erica Lord’s Artifact Piece, Revisited

Yema Yang - (Re)Centering Collective Resistance and Healing: The "Crazy Asian Woman" Webcomic and Student Organizing

Facilitator: Matthew Branch, Student Activities Office


4:00-5:30 PM, Petteruti Lounge

Anna Fireman - Understanding Elementary Literacy: 3rd Grade Reading in Rhode Island

Hannah Santos - Addressing Religious Literacy in Rhode Island Public High Schools

Jessica Reisch - Pleasure & Communication: A Workshop for PPSNE's STARS

Facilitator: Christina Smith, Ph.D., Sheridan Center for Teaching & Learning

Thursday 5.2

Roundtable: perspectives on community health and healing 

12:00-1:30 PM, Petteruti Lounge

Eojin Choi - Full Circle: Parallels Between the Beginning and End of Life in Health Care

Nicole Comella - The Cuban Healthcare System: Lessons from an Integrated Model

Dorothy Jiang - Intersectional Suicide Prevention

Patricia Rodarte - Examining Primary Health Care Providers' perspectives on HIV Prevention in the U.S.-Mexico Borderland: Focus on El Paso, Texas

Maya Singh - Parent and Provider Perspectives on Emergency Department Care of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Facilitator: Alex Vidmar ’18, Computing & Information Services

ROUNDTABLE: Technology and the Modern World

2:00-3:30 PM, Petteruti Lounge

Ebube Chuba - Rationality and Robustness

Nina Goetzen - How Do You Do, Fellow Kids?: Corporate Memes & Youth Resistance

Julian D Jacobs - Is This Time Different? Artificial Intelligence, Inequality, and the Future of Work

Evan Lehmann - Race and Recidivism Risk: Against the Technologization of Punishment, and Towards Abolition

Christine Shio Lim - Check Your Preferences: Desirability Politics and Contemporary Discourses on Sex, Dating, and Intimacy

Lucas Rosenblatt - An AI for My Life: Exploring the Consequences of Quantified-Self and Machine Learning from a Human Perspective

Facilitator: Dean Betsy Shimberg, Dean of the College office / Swearer Center

Roundtable: Narratives

4:00-5:30 PM, Petteruti Lounge

Soyoon Kim - Diversity and Inclusion: Student Responses to Institutionalization, Definitions, and Higher-Ed Futures

Sophie Rae Kupetz - Lessons from "Prisoners Against Rape": The Need for Anti-carceral Responses to Violence

Sarah Marion - Six Women: The Conditional Narratives of Women with Breast Cancer

Kyle Tildon - Black Ethnicity in the United States and African-American as Distinct

Facilitator: Lauren Galván ’16, Division of Advancement

Poster Session

6:00-7:30 PM, Leung FAMILY Gallery

(with 2018-19 independent study project presentations, in Petteruti lounge)

Jeremy Berman - Who Owns Providence?

Ashley Bang - Projected impacts of 2050 climate change on protected areas in Kenya

Jacob Cader - Exploring and Critiquing Community Experiences of Design at Brown

Grace Engelman - Skipping Desert: How to Respond to Crime when No One is at Fault— An Analysis of Free Will Skepticism and Punishment

Hana Estice - Walking at the Water's Edge: Place Attachment and Climate Change in Rhode Island

Elaine Jiang - Practicing in Virtual Reality Improves Mental Rotation Ability: Lower Scorers Benefit More

Zachary J. Neronha - Topological Data Analysis of the Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition in 3D Microenvironments

Sophie Sandweiss - Trauma, Embodiment, and Healing: Qualitative Analysis of a Qigong Intervention for Cancer-Related Fatigue

Chloe So - How does Texture, Contours and Closure affect product appeal?

Curtis Stiles - GDPR: Level Playing Field, or Entrepreneurship Killer?

Shanze Tahir - The Resilience in the Health Journeys of Pregnant Patients of Color and Low-Income Patients

Jeremy Wolin - Against Bronzewashing: Contemporary Artists and the Remaking of Monuments

Angela Yang - Care in Conversation and Connection

Jennah Gosciak, Anna Messer, Jeremy Berman, Martin Benencia - Community Research Partnership: Mapping Housing Ownership in Providence, RI

Noa Machover, Harrison White - Collective Living Design Strategies for Rome

Crystal Zhang, Beatriz de Arruda, Yumeng Fan - Expanding Support for International Students with the Global Brown Center and International Mentoring Program